The world’s best distribution network?

The world’s best distribution network?

Rook Salinger was approached by an international client last month wanting to take short-term leases on several industrial premises around the country that would support their time-critical global distribution operation.

With the client wishing to remain low-profile, we managed to secure premises to suit the customer's brief that included:

  • crossdocking of product from the northern hemisphere
  • 24hr operation including high-volume of evening delivery
  • climate controlled environment
  • low-key locations with high level of security and
  • a paddock at the head office location.

Right first time

S L Helper, spokesperson for the well known but secretive organisation said, "Due to the nature of what we do we only have one chance to get it right. Our supply chain has no margin for error so design and planning are paramount for our successful operation."

"Our activity in late December is the culmination of 12 months of hard work. Extensive monitoring of customer behaviour throughout the year, combined with state of the art prediction modelling, help us anticipate and cope with demand," he continued.

Staffing critical

The head of the operation, who was still overseas at time of writing said, "The 457 visa situation caused us a headache but we have managed to bring the expertise of our large (but diminutive) team, who are now working tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Merry Christmas ;)