Portfolio Management

Managing your property portfolio may not be a core skill within your business. Our portfolio management service is designed to optimise the management and running of your property portfolio. It provides you with peace of mind, ensuring that all activity surrounding the administration of your leased properties is handled efficiently and effectively.

We partner with you to tailor a portfolio management solution that works for your individual property requirements.

How our Portfolio Management Services make a difference

Following a review of one client’s outgoings, charged throughout the term of one Lease, we identified a substantial overpayment which was subsequently recovered from the landlord.

Through our in-depth understanding of leases and market review mechanisms, we managed a market review objection for another client which resulted in a material reduction in rent.

Our portfolio management solution provides:

Risk Management – Critical date monitoring ensures upcoming lease options and expiries are not missed. Our pro-active approach provides the opportunity to review your accommodation strategy in good time, and plan the most efficient course of action.

Financial Management – A full review of lease obligations reconciled with current rent payments and annual outgoings ensures you are only paying what you have to.
Corporate Planning – Our client-accessible cloud-based management system holds all property information and relevant documentation, allowing you to report on or view your real-time property information at any time, from anywhere.

Intelligence – Our team of property experts have an in-depth working knowledge of Australian and New Zealand leases which is crucial to effectively manage a portfolio.

  • Rook Salinger assist us with rent reviews, renewals, relocations and make-goods as well as providing practical advice on a range of property issues. We find them very responsive to our daily management needs around the country and we know we can also rely on the team for help with more complex one-off transactions. In short, we are very happy with the service provided.

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