About Us

Rook Salinger is a specialist property advisory company. We create value for industrial clients - applying our property expertise through strategic thinking, structured planning and disciplined delivery.


Each project starts with the application of strategic thought. We listen to our clients: what are their goals? what is driving this project? what is their vision?

Through listening, we gain a full understanding of the project. Then we can develop the best strategy to achieve the desired outcomes.


Once strategy has been agreed, we work with the client to develop a plan to turn the strategic vision into the day-to-day reality.

Knowing what is to be done, when it is to be done and who is to do it, is key to a project’s success.


Our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver what we say we’ll deliver.

Once the strategy and plan are in place, we diligently stick to it to ensure the project meets or exceeds its agreed outcomes.

Any solution can deliver results, the right solution will deliver great results

  • Rook Salinger assist us with rent reviews, renewals, relocations and make-goods as well as providing practical advice on a range of property issues. We find them very responsive to our daily management needs around the country, yet we know we can also rely on the team for help with more complex one-off transactions.

  • Their responsiveness and attention to detail set them apart. They are easy to deal with and provide a very personalised service.

  • Rook Salinger listened and looked at how we operate. They didn’t just push services and properties in front of me. Their reports were very thorough and instrumental in demonstrating the project’s worth to the Board.